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The vicious villain s whitewashing plan

The vicious villain s whitewashing plan

The vicious villain s whitewashing plan

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    The vicious villain s whitewashing plan
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    Drunk Haoyue
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    Lava Novel
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2022-09-22 21:02:51
Through the world where women are superior and men are inferior, Mo Jiu is forced to play a vicious villain and must continue to die to promote the development of the plot and the relationship between men and women in this regard, he said "go to her father's" and began to find ways to whitewash himself domineering and arrogant young master bully you on the surface and sacrifice everything for you behind your back are you going to turn your disciple into a cold master of Rendan people who benefit themselves at the expense of others( ×) Fortune pill (√) black heart lotus elf who wants to replace others? "I just want you to care more about me... Even if you can't compare with him... Even if you just look at me more..." Later, Mo Jiu flew up and found that all the female masters and villains who forced him to death... Followed up? PS: female master shuangwen abused the Lord. Don't enter if you don't like it. group number: 1150788889

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