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Xia detective door

Xia detective door

Xia detective door

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    Xia detective door
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    A wood makes a fire
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    Light Novel
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2022-09-16 20:22:57
In recent years, a mysterious sect, Xia detective sect, has sprung up rapidly in the Jianghu when was this sect established? By whom? Where is it located? No one knows it is widely said in the Jianghu that there is no outstanding case that can not be solved by the Xia detective< br>。。。 Lin Qing, a college student, inadvertently traveled to this time and space. If he wanted to go back, he had to constantly solve the outstanding case as long as the unsolved case is solved correctly, a lot of blood will be lost and life value will be reduced, indicating that the farther away from the world, the closer to returning to modern times; If you make a wrong judgment, you will be energetic and increase your HP, and you will return to hopelessness at this time, he was involved in a complicated pending case in the Jianghu. With the deepening of the investigation, the case became more and more complicated, and he was involved more and more deeply moreover, these pending cases seem to reveal the secret of his journey it is to explore the real desire to return to the place where people who give up all their concerns here; Or do you care about human life and stay here for a lifetime Lin Qing's heart began an endless struggle...

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