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How common is the world

How common is the world

How common is the world

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    How common is the world
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    Zhuang Xiaoyao
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    Bestair novel
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2022-07-05 12:41:10
Since ancient times, dynasties have changed, and the world has been divided for a long time. This is the way of the dynasty< Br> after a hundred years of ups and downs, Chang Ji mainland has gradually been unified from the previous separation of Bai bang. Among the numerous states, Han, Ruan, Jing and Qi won the world< Br> the opening to the north and the restoration of the three rivers are all delimited as the territory of the Han Dynasty. The road to the south is at the top of Xizhou in the west, and the Jincheng in the East is regarded as Ruan land. The East China Sea in the South and Longjing in the north are the capital. As far as Daqi is concerned, it only occupies Longkou in the northeast and only pursues Hong Kong< Br> as for overseas regions, they are unified< Br> in this broad world, it is called martial arts. In addition to the imperial court, the Jianghu is also very dangerous. The martial arts are from the first segment to the ninth segment, and there are masters above the ninth segment, and then up there is the immortal Buddha< Br> the people are dignified, and the world has more than one way.

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