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The way of chivalry

The way of chivalry

The way of chivalry

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    The way of chivalry
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    Feiyuzhen ex
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    Cool Novel
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2022-06-24 23:53:57
In the twothousand years of Fengyue mainland, countless heroes and schools have emerged in endlessly... cold moon, wind, shape, vigorous Qi, breaking the air... Countless schools have only one goal for thousands of years, that is, the best in the world< Br> both the world's No. 1 great Xia and the world's No. 1 sect have become the targets of the world< Br> countless sects have experienced ups and downs, and countless Xiake have experienced life and death. They either put aside the Jianghu and retired to the mountains, or put aside life and death to take a step closer to the top< Br> however, up to now, Wuxia has already become a novel, leaving only a professional "Xiake" who takes on various dangerous tasks< Br> they either escort treasures, or kill evil people, or kill evil animals to protect the people< Br> you must find your parents< Br> a young man with such an idea joined the first Xiake college in Fengyue mainland. Unexpectedly, he became a cleaner< Br> just as he cleared 33 thatched cottages, he was instructed by an expert to parachute his fiancee. Since then, he has embarked on the path of becoming a Xiake.

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