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Zerg ol: this game has a billion liver points

Zerg ol: this game has a billion liver points

Zerg ol: this game has a billion liver points

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    Zerg ol: this game has a billion liver points
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    Bugs like spicy food
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    Happy Read
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2022-06-27 03:01:42
A game called Zerg ol has swept the world. In this game, you need to play a bug to help the leader Jiang Yao rebuild the swarm< Br> "Mengxin, is this game fun?" Meng Xin, a new member of the group, asked< Br> "there are new people coming. This game is very interesting!"< Br> "Mengxin, go! There are perverts in this group!"< Br> "go..."< Br> go< Br> "the one you just chatted with hasn't been offline for 72 hours. He just entered the ICU yesterday!"< Br> "are there some liver diseases?" Mengxin doesn't know why< Br> "special liver! Playing other games costs money. Playing this game will kill you!"< Br> "liver doesn't matter at all. They call me" liver emperor "in other games!" Naive Mengxin obviously did not realize the seriousness of the matter< Br> until one day< Br> "since playing the Zerg ol, my waist is no longer sour, and my legs are no longer painful. At the age of 20, I have grown up with juvenile baldness. My blind date sisters call me uncle. It's really awesome!"< Br> Jiang Yao also broke his heart for these players< Br> "don't get on that steel thunderbolt over there! Follow my command!"< Br> "Feilong! Feilong! Fight the warship! You are in the air! Don't fight the ground! There are ground units on the ground!"< Br> "the Devourers of galaxy n74! Lie in the trough! Don't shoot at the blue star. It's your mother star! I'm not kidding!"

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