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Study everything in swallowing the starry sky

Study everything in swallowing the starry sky

Study everything in swallowing the starry sky

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    Study everything in swallowing the starry sky
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    Digging Octopus
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    The One Book
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2022-07-02 20:47:05
"Luo Feng, would you like to try my newly developed weapon? I'll only charge you one trillion yuan for the villagers' sake." A handsome young man showed a business smile and said to the famous Daohe king "brother Lin, what experiment are you going to do this time? The weapon you developed last time didn't take long for me to explode! I almost lost a part of me." Luo Feng said helplessly "as this saying goes, isn't the enemy you're going to kill killed by bombing?" Lin Qingyu said with a smile, "and you didn't have an accident in the end." "this time is different. I want to go to the secret world of the universe. What I need is stable enough equipment, but I won't be your weapon tester." Luo Feng said firmly "unfortunately, the reliability of my weapon is extraordinary. I just knew you were going to the secret place, so I specially developed this weapon. Although it is ordinary, it has many special functions..." ... three hours later, Lin Qingyu looked at Luo Feng's back and looked at the 150 billion yuan mixed unit in the account, showing a happy smile< br>————————————————————————————ps1. Devouring text, but including some settings of snow Eagle Lord, will involve the origin continent and muddy source space< br>ps2. New book, please support, thank you

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