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Why start the game from the later stage

Why start the game from the later stage

Why start the game from the later stage

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    Why start the game from the later stage
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    Tomatoes in July
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    Ethical Novel
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2022-07-03 07:30:53
Previously on, the elements of this book: game, stem, suture, relaxation, whole life, high concentration of two thorn newts... with the public beta of the game and the absolutely real world name of the game, the world tree ushered in the baptism of the fourth natural disaster other players started from the novice village on the first floor, but Ling Ming went directly to the seventh floor because of a game bug and was blocked by the demon at the beginning, Level 1 vs. level 700. Trigger the branch mission. You can't go offline until the mission is completed. Kill it? Or get rid of it? Or... And his choice since then, the game has become more and more strange. There are more and more bugs. Needless to say, the bound curse equipment has been brought to reality after exiting the game! There are even NPC teammates... and Ling Ming also won the only game lottery system. By consuming the coins dropped to kill the leader monster, he can draw things from other worlds. For example, the card of the game king in this way, the calm and boring life is broken. In the game, he is a brave man from NPC word of mouth and an arms dealer from players, In reality, he is a big monster running after monsters. Finally, under the leadership of him and other players, the world tree finally collapsed... "maybe... We're not playing the same game."

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