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Solve fairy mystery

Solve fairy mystery

Solve fairy mystery

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    Solve fairy mystery
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    Green shirt
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    Long Novel
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2022-09-22 15:41:38
Nangong Hao, a youth abandoned by the way of heaven, a youth abandoned by sentient beings, and a youth despised by immortals! With only one obsession in his heart, he sang in the wind, walked against the sky, stepped on the sky in five steps and surpassed the immortals! Nangong Hao was saved by a mysterious old man after his death. After he was sent to the cultivation world, he accidentally got a holy blood. Since then, hardships have followed. The abandonment of the world, the exclusion of the world, and the ruthlessness of the world make him become a devil, and the devil faces the human world! Nangong Hao moves towards the peak of strength step by step. He walks on the sky in five steps, competes with the sky, overlooks the so-called divine will, and only asks what is evil! What is an immortal! What is a fairy? In order to explore the root of immortality, Nangong Hao ascended the fairy world and despised the immortals. He just wanted to know what immortality is!

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