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Barbarian demon hunting routine

Barbarian demon hunting routine

Barbarian demon hunting routine

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    Barbarian demon hunting routine
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    Riding crutch
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    Clean book
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2022-06-14 14:05:23
"Brother Hai, what are we hunting demons for?" "for money and to find something to do?" "why do we find something to do?" "because I don't find something to do, I'm afraid I'll break through the world." a meteorite has changed the world when demons appear and disappear, the aura recovers, and ancient creatures come to the surface from the underground core some people become as powerful as demons because they are infected by alien energy some people become "spiritual masters" who can control demons and ghosts because they are not deeply "poisoned" some people can sense Reiki and embark on the path of God of war some people rely on Animal Companions to become beast knights more people live in cities built by science and technology, and then they strive to expand outward and claim living space from the terrible "green hell" a jumper with a barbarian plug-in has taken root here and left a soul a magic hunting company, a legendary strong man, a warm and profound magical life.

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