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Wan Jie: start with Q & A

Wan Jie: start with Q & A

Wan Jie: start with Q & A

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    Wan Jie: start with Q & A
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    one one five
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2022-08-16 05:57:22
"You are a mature system and should earn energy by yourself." with this sentence the forest administration that has become a system is directly expelled from the origin of the system and this has become the beginning of chaos in the world without the energy supply of the place of origin, the forest administration can only "live frugally" by fooling all kinds of people in the world to obtain energy an award-winning Q & a covering the world began Q & A in the tolerance circle: who will die in his own hands 1, wave wind water gate, 2, vortex Naruto, 3, ape flying, day cutting, 4, vortex long gate pirate Q & A: as we all know, Luffy, the grandson of the naval hero Karp, is a man who wants to become the pirate king, and the pirate king is Roger. What is the relationship between Karp and Roger 1. Enemy relationship; 2. Grandson relationship; 3. Father son relationship; 4. Both enemy and friend relationship reincarnation spider Q & A: what is the real identity of Bai Zhi who has become a spider 1, ordinary spiders in school, 2, super terrible evil gods, 3, demon king, 4, RUOYE JISE at present, the plot is set, [wood leaf fire shadow], [pirate king], [spider child], [Qin Shihuang], [fist Superman], [Conan], [cut the red pupil] others are to be determined the world with suggestions can put forward them.

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