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Heavens: there s something wrong with my golden finger

Heavens: there s something wrong with my golden finger

Heavens: there s something wrong with my golden finger

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    Heavens: there s something wrong with my golden finger
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    Mint Winnie
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    Apple novel
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2022-09-23 05:20:36
I don't know when, a group of people who can walk in the world of the heavens appeared they are lawless and wantonly destroying the balance of the world change the established cause and effect, plunder the resources of the heavens and kill the son of fate these butchers are full of blood, cruelty and debauchery. Each of them shouted to go against the sky and destroy the sky countless causes and effects turn them upside down, and countless fates change because of them on this day, the supreme consciousness of the heavens and the world were collectively angry, and they decided to fight back countless monsters poured out from the gap of dimensions, zombies! special-shaped! dinosaur! Monsters... they come for revenge and killing naval headquarters, Muye shadow village, hero Association... countless organizations holding the banner of justice rise up with the trend and vow to return teeth for teeth and blood for blood Chen Mu shoulders the mission, rises against the current from the desperate situation, and pushes all enemies in the sky with his own strength just when he thought everything would come to an end... Marvel Universe, sky covering universe, Dragon Ball universe, more and more terrible enemies were killed again... before he could enjoy the fruits of victory, he couldn't help roaring up to the sky, "this mess is not over yet!"

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