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Floating life in late Tang Dynasty

Floating life in late Tang Dynasty

Floating life in late Tang Dynasty

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    Floating life in late Tang Dynasty
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    Lonely Mack
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    Daily Novel
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2022-09-23 19:49:19
In 878 ad, the fifth year of Qianfu of Xizong of Tang Dynasty in this year, Wang Xianzhi died in the war. The Ministry mainly promoted Huang Chao as a great general and moved to the south this year, Li Ke used Duan Wenchu, the envoy of Datong army, and his father and son to launch a rebellion. Shatuo soldiers and horses raided Hedong this year, thieves in the south of the Yangtze River rose and even fell into the States and counties this year, the year-old dry locusts in Henan Province caused riots by sergeants in this year, he played cockfighting and ignored the government in this year, Datang was full of ups and downs this year, Shao Shude, who came from later generations, has his own ideals. He wanted to climb high and look far, and saw thousands of lights; He wants to visit mountains and rivers and see pastoral songs he wants children to be strong, he wants women to be free from abuse, and he wants the old man to have a good end he wants to end the troubled times.

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