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Heavenly sequence

Heavenly sequence

By the Daming Lake that year Ji Changan male seventeen I live in Lanwei community, North District of mordu schizophrenic patients have a second personality that is about to disappear there is still a living trace of an old God in his body those outside the kingdom of heaven sequence method position of sequence: taboo... ... ... key words: four realms in the world, those outside the law, places outside the country, pioneers, Eden paradise, natural disasters, saltfish apostles, kings and Empire in Wonderland... PS1: this will certainly be a fantastic article of [daily adventure of modern urban power and blood] PS2: trust me! Come and cut me PS3: there are a lot of people collecting hair. Please move to the book review area to comment.
Existence is the embodiment of life power

Existence is the embodiment of life power

Lag time There is no death in the world, but people can only disappear. Life is reflected by the data of the sense of existence, and the sense of existence also gives some people special abilities. These people are called special powers......
Evil in progress

Evil in progress

Han Yanyi "Well, well, since the world deceives me, I will deceive the world!" a red light flashed across Mo Xie's eyes standing in the void, lying drunk in the clouds, waking up the world I will deceive your heart, and I will bear your body "Mo Xie, will you leave me?" Mo Xie was very happy looking at the girl with hazy eyes in front of her contains elements such as slow through light dark system.
The largest Wufu in history

The largest Wufu in history

Do not worship the future Heaven and earth are unkind, and all things are ruminant dogs I'm Chen Xian. I don't think this world is great I'm bound to compete with the sky and win once in the age of Jueling, the world is bleak the strong strengthen themselves and the weak weaken themselves I'm Chen Xian. I only have boxing intention. I can kill immortals in nine days, and I can kill demons in nine secluded places. I can move mountains and reclaim the sea in one form, and pick the stars into the dust between my fingers If heaven and earth are dissatisfied with me, don't worry about it. Do your best to kill me I should give you a fist, break its shackles, be a hero of future generations, open the sky and make a way for life. Renew the glory of our ancestors!

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