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Walk into unscientific

Walk into unscientific

Novice fisherman I sat down with Newton and walked side by side with Einstein I messed up Planck's hairstyle, and I also mentioned the preface to Zhang Zhongjing's treatise on typhoid and miscellaneous diseases in a word, this is a story of Xueba shuttling through all time and space at home and abroad and opening the future of mankind with the wisdom of predecessors what? You say it's unscientific No, it's very scientific note: this book is not the flow of heaven, not the flow of infinity. The protagonist will not add his super power. You will know it after reading it there is also an old book, the manual of conquering different worlds, with a high price of 30000 and an order of 8000 +. Welcome to read it.


Difficult round and sad break In order to survive in this cold city, Chen Shuai can only engage in the lowest career in society. The complexity of human nature and the deception of the workplace made Chen Shuai full of despair in this city until the emergence of the "light chaser" plan on a cold night rewrites the fate of Chen Shuai and even the whole universe
The synthesis of the origin of darkness

The synthesis of the origin of darkness

The late bus of Lao Shen's family In the pirate world, Chen Ze, the protagonist disguised as a small marine, became the biggest winner. At the same time, he plundered the "dark" and "shock" fruits! in the shadow of fire world, on the eve of the fourth World War, Tiandao Payne preached in Muye that "a bag of rice should resist several floors" When, Chen Ze fell from the sky and killed Payne six times in a second! invincible is lonely. The protagonist just wants to have some fun!

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