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Xuanhuan: I can follow my words

Xuanhuan: I can follow my words

Xuanhuan: I can follow my words

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    Xuanhuan: I can follow my words
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    walk alone
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    Wine Novel
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2022-05-23 05:07:01
Ye Xing passed through the mysterious world full of practitioners, and even became the leader of a sect with millions of monks... but he found that he lost all his accomplishments and became a real ordinary person! Just when everyone coveted his throne, Ye Xing awakened his ability to follow his words... from then on, he embarked on a strong road to heaven pursue the trace of the ancient great emperor who created endless legends and established a powerful empire across the endless sea, Kunpeng, a fierce and powerful beast uncover the mystery of the sinking of the ancient fairy world explore the final direction of the leaders in the fairyland< br> ……

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