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Qin Shi: from signing in to Mohism

Qin Shi: from signing in to Mohism

Qin Shi: from signing in to Mohism

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    Qin Shi: from signing in to Mohism
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    The sea churns with clouds and water
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    Hotel novel
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2022-06-25 22:23:03
Ying Tian was originally a blue star college student. Five years ago, he crossed to the state of Qin and became the third son of Qin Hou, opening the system in the first year, I signed in to Mohist School and became a great Mohist, with eyes and ears all over the world in the second year, he signed in to the net and took control of the Jianghu of the bright moon world in Qin Dynasty. The net was located in Xianyang in the third year, 30000 Xuanjia troops were signed in and arranged in Xianyang this year is the fifth year. 90 million stone grain and grass have been signed in and stored in Xianyang granary although I'm the mayor of Xianyang in name, I didn't take the post. You always sign in in Xianyang. Isn't this Keng father on this day, the imperial edict said: God, transfer the third childe Yingtian to Xianyang immediately and take charge of the military and political power of Xianyang in troubled times, in the face of the emperor's coercion, all countries look like tigers. In order to survive, they have to swallow thousands of miles like tigers. After fighting for six generations, they are determined to go east, fight the emperor wisely, destroy Bairong in the north, sweep all countries and unify the world Ying Tian, who became the great emperor of the state of Qin, ascended the Jiuzhang platform and announced to the world: the magnificent Warring States period is coming to an end history is overhead. Please don't study it carefully!

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