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Heavenly Oracle notes

Heavenly Oracle notes

Heavenly Oracle notes

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    Heavenly Oracle notes
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    Qiushan Royal Beaver
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    Qishi Book
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2022-06-21 12:29:21
The Oracle told him that the oracle of the kingdom of God fell into the devil and died. The ethereal realm he was in charge of was broken, resulting in the failure of all the transmission arrays connecting the world. Since then, the divine power of the kingdom of God can no longer benefit the world. Thousands of years later, it is difficult to find the trace of immortals in the world the male leader Huang Li was born in the apocalyptic Kingdom at the end of the Quaternary Yuan Dynasty and was sent from the kingdom of God to the golden age of the imperial system in the world. Thousands of years later, the rise of science and technology has changed the dilemma that it is very difficult to open the Fairy fate of the human race, and the only four human demigods are struggling to survive in the choice between keeping the truth and ascending to immortality. Then a journey to find truth and truth is about to begin, The conclusion that the gods and Demons control the six realms has been shaken again...... fairy words, human ghost words, demon words and fate have long been determined..... For the oracle of heaven, it is only three or two small things, but for all living things, it is life after life

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