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My infinite script space

My infinite script space

My infinite script space

Rating: 9 / 10 from 6433 ratings
  • Alternative names:

    My infinite script space
  • Author:

    I want to go to Sanjiang
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  • Source:

    Lava Novel
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Bluestar residents promised to get a script simulator from earth to gain the ability to enter various script spaces in the king of comedy, he met a dragon Suit called Yin Tianqiu, who dreamed of becoming the leading actor of a film in a man's Wulin, he learned from the king of northern legs and killed a psychopath who came to challenge him he helped Zheng Chaoan save his trapped workmates in "big brother Tangshan" and obtained the profound meaning of boxing presented by the other party things in the script space cannot be brought out, but skills and knowledge can later, he found that there were all kinds of man eating demons and mythical characters riding flying swords from heaven to earth in the script space now I can't hide it. How can he explain the fact that he knows immortal Dharma?

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