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The object of my online love is a big star

The object of my online love is a big star

The object of my online love is a big star

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    The object of my online love is a big star
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    There are pigeons flying
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    The One Book
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2022-05-28 15:04:28
(single hostess, love, daily life, dog food, entertainment, stars) when her soul crosses into the parallel world, Hao Shun never thought that she, as a broker assistant in the Chinese entertainment circle, would offend the popular star chenqianxue. What's more, he unexpectedly found that the big star was still his online girlfriend... when he was in online love, the big star said "dear", but in reality, he became the most annoying guy in the big star's mouth... "in reality, the object of online love regarded me as an enemy, but he didn't know what to do if I was her online boyfriend? Wait online, it's very urgent."< Br> what else can I do? In order not to be separated in situ, I have to hide my identity for the time being< Br> it's just a lie. Under his online and offline guidance, this girl gradually became a singer, film and television entertainer who excelled in music, movies and TV dramas... And he himself became a real big entertainer< Br> Hao Shun, however, kept his headache a secret. When he didn't know how to speak, he learned that he had already revealed his secret< Br> "you said you knew my identity long ago? I don't believe it! When did you know it?"< Br> "this is a secret ~ but my dear, I love you is not a secret ~"

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