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Intercepting life, I have a palace of reincarnation

Intercepting life, I have a palace of reincarnation

Intercepting life, I have a palace of reincarnation

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    Intercepting life, I have a palace of reincarnation
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    I don't want to break it
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    Bestcar read
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2022-07-05 13:33:10
There is a palace of reincarnation in Li Tang's brain, which absorbs the memory of the dead and records his past life as the host, Li Tang can intercept one of his life experiences and turn it into his own use [Dao Kui, Duan Tianya, died at the age of 57. He died at the end of his strength and did not rest in peace.] [at the age of 46, he obtained the ancient martial arts book thousand emperors classic. After studying and cultivating, he made great progress in his skills.] intercept! Obtain the best martial arts "thousand emperors classic" [unparalleled childe Bai Yuyan died at the age of 26. He was punished by heaven and died due to the decline of Tao.] [at the age of 16, he lost his ancestral sword "unparalleled", but fortunately he was finally found.] intercept! A sword fell from the corner of the room, and the "unparalleled" sword was recovered again... seeing many deaths and arbitrarily intercepting the obsession between life and death reincarnation, Li Tang became stronger and more numb however, the dead always have many emotions, such as unwillingness, regret and anger... in the process of intercepting life, their voices also erode Li Tang's own memory my heart and my way transcend reincarnation and are as clear as a mirror however, between life and death, we always need a passer-by to remember the wreckage of the past.

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