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Mysterious recovery of technology seclusion

Mysterious recovery of technology seclusion

Mysterious recovery of technology seclusion

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    Mysterious recovery of technology seclusion
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    Red fish soup
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2022-05-29 03:21:10
Muddled, through the parallel world, with its own future star sky technology system as soon as the word "Dachang city" came out, he realized that he had come to the mysterious world of recovery. He used language to describe such a world: five turbid and evil world, the world is like prison, fierce ghosts run rampant, and there will never be peace he's going crazy. Through such a world, how is the system a science and technology system? Shouldn't it be immortal Xia, fantasy and other types of systems? Did you bring the wrong system you know, the description in this world novel is: only ghosts can deal with ghosts in order to save his life, he created a multinational organization: Human Protection Association the ideal goal of the association: to keep human kindling and escape from the stars. The earth is too dangerous in order to survive, we have carried out a number of plans by holding the scientific and technological system: talent reserve plan, gold production and reserve plan, smart medicine research, national reform plan, garbage game elimination plan, space city construction plan, Mars underground city environmental integration, remote escape from the earth plan, human leap plan

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