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I am a planet spirit

I am a planet spirit

I am a planet spirit

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    I am a planet spirit
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    Cosmic CQC
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    Free Novel
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2022-05-29 02:50:19
Under the star dome, flowers, birds, fish, insects, rocks, plants and trees can become essence it was 7 billion years since the birth of Tilan star. At the end of the law, Tilan star itself also gave birth to consciousness at this point, Reiki recovers and foreign enemies invade one after another in order to save the world and save yourself, the basket observes the long river of time and space and selects the most favorite from another similar world "Lin Ye, I have decided that from now on, you are the will of the new star of basket carrying star. Come on, I'll look after you." basket carrying touched. As basket carrying's successor, Lin Ye had to embark on a road to save the world "first of all, let me transform the basket star into a 'game' world." when everyone is brave and not afraid of death, great things can be achieved.

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