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The group that must die is not a person from Longzhu

The group that must die is not a person from Longzhu

The group that must die is not a person from Longzhu

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    The group that must die is not a person from Longzhu
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2022-05-29 03:59:02
I'm so cruel that I won't let myself go start slicing Goku! Charcoal roasted pig oolong, Xie Gouwu Taoist turtle immortal, and chopped himself into foam by the way... on being no one in the chat group, Gou silently greedy for the body of the group friend world in the shadow as we all know, the Lord never keeps his promise a guy with pure heart goes through the story of becoming a saint and chaos into the world of friends note: ignoring life and hurting innocent people is like a lion in nature. Eating zebra children in front of zebra mothers does not belong to the dark, evil and bad stream especially, the lions are starving! In order to survive, it must make itself strong in order to protect its children, otherwise it will be reduced to the food of weaker creatures people can survive without eating meat, but driven by desire, they breed animals as livestock! Don't stand at the commanding height of human morality. All creatures in this book have wisdom. Killing people pays for their lives, killing a chicken and eating a rabbit also pay for their lives! Because the book is set that humans are not at the top of the food chain if you eat a chicken, the chicken will take up arms and resist. If you want to eat a chicken, you will not be killed by the chicken, or you will kill the chicken and eat the chicken, or the chicken will kill you and eat people this book can be read with the brain, which is in line with the realistic logic, but it also needs to be paved by science. The real law of nature (black forest) does not exist the survival of the fittest, only life or death Longzhu ~ super seminary ~ Longzhu emperor of the universe ~ I, kexueqin wine takes you to beat the disabled ~ disorderly frisha ~ non-existent badak ~ Douluo 100000 year spicy rabbit head ~ to be continued... fast pace, outside of Longzhu, a world of about 30 chapters.

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